Betting on favourite League

The game of betting on the favourite in a single bet does not provide enough money. Therefore, in order to change this, several strategies have been developed that allow you to add very substantial money to each potential coupon. The most famous strategy here is to play on the favourite as well as on a draw in the second match. This works perfectly in the Extra class, where one of the main contenders to win the title every year is League. The odds for this formation are usually at least 1.50, although they are often even much higher. Thanks to this, they themselves offer a large final amount. For example, if you play for USD 100 you can get USD 150 for just one match. But what if you want to play for more money?

How do you successfully bet on the favourite?

Betting on league

In this case the best strategy is to add a second formation to Legia and your coupon becomes a combination coupon with only two events. The second match is predicted as a draw, so the odds from this event are about 3.00, which gives us at least 4.50 to win and often much more. If you play a hundred, in such a case you can win even USD 450 or more. Naturally, counting on a draw is very risky here, so it is necessary to further analyze and choose formations, which have recently drawn most often from the whole stake. For example, if Piast Gliwice have tied 8 of their last 11 games, it is highly likely that they will play this tactic again and fight for such a result at all costs. Historical events will also prove helpful, where you can see how Piast did in matches against a particular formation and whether they are playing against a favourite who has won in recent rounds without exception. Your own analysis is just as important as the basic assumptions offered by the strategy and tips. Such tactics can also be used in live betting, where the matches have already started. The stakes often increase very significantly depending on the passage of time as well as the result received, so that quick action can be effective even seconds before the final whistle, where the odds are estimated at 1.15 and you can still score one of the more certain profits.

Odds and choice


The strategy described above will work well in the Extra class, where the odds are often much higher than in the rest of USDope. This is due to the very unusual results and also the huge number of draws that occur, which will help in our assumption. Sticking to these rules will allow you to make a big profit at the end of the month and further increase the stakes played. However, remember to always stick to your assumptions and do not add matches that you are not confident enough in assuming. It is also a good practice to play with resources that will not be too high. You cannot risk losing all your resources just to win a large amount at one time. After all, in case of failure, an additional investment and deposit would be necessary, which should be avoided. After all, besides having fun, you need to know that the goal here is to win real money, and you cannot achieve this by constantly investing and changing your plans. You can read about other tips and strategies for betting on sports – not only football – on our website, which we strongly encourage you to do.