The Best Beach Towns in the World

Relaxing on a beautiful beach can make you happier and calmer. It’s also a great experience for sports like swimming, surfing and scuba diving. If you want to take a vacation more often, play at the BetAmo. Below are the best beach cities in the world.


Beach Singapore

There are many reasons to love the city of Singapore – safe streets, delicious food, public transport, shopping … etc. Among other things, the city is famous for its beautiful beaches. The city has both artificial and natural beaches.

The main beaches of Singapore are located in the eastern part of the city and Sentosa Island. Entertainment facilities, access to hotels and restaurants also make Singapore beaches worth visiting.

Nice, France

Nice is a large seaside town in France, located on the Mediterranean coast of the country. There are more than 30 spectacular beaches in the city. Nice has private and public beaches. Public beaches are open to everyone. You need to pay from 10 to 18 euros for one day to get access to private beaches.

Nice has a diverse selection of beaches – pebble beaches, sandy beaches, soft beaches… etc. Pleasant mild weather in the city throughout the year also makes your vacation much more comfortable.

Santa Monica, California

With 8.8 km of coastline, Santa Monica is one of the best beach towns in the world. Located on the Pacific Coast, Santa Monica State Beach offers walking paths, restaurants and playgrounds. You can also ride bicycles on the sandy beach.

Santa Monica Beach is clean and well maintained. He has been featured in many Hollywood films. Throughout the year, you can enjoy a variety of activities at Santa Monica State Beach, including swimming, surfing, volleyball and cycling.

Cape Town, South Africa

Along the sparkling coastlines of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Cape Town has a wide range of beautiful beaches. Against the backdrop of picturesque mountains, the first-class beaches of Cape Town are best suited for watching the blazing sunset, sunbathing and playing sports.

Summer is the best time to visit the beaches of Cape Town. In summer, you can enjoy longer sun in Cape Town.

 Hong Kong, China

The awe-inspiring skyline with hundreds of skyscrapers is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Hong Kong. But in this large metropolitan city, there are also many beautiful beaches that are best suited for recreation and entertainment. Hong Kong’s rapid growth is leading to the closure of numerous beaches. Currently, there are 40 public beaches in the city.

You will be able to see many beaches of Hong Kong thanks to the geography of the city, consisting of three territories and hundreds of islands. Most of the public beaches in Hong Kong offer good amenities and plenty of recreational activities.

 Sydney, Australia

Speaking of the best Australian beaches, Sydney is likely to take first place. There are more than 100 beaches here. Access to Sydney’s best beaches is also easier as they are so close to the city.

Some of the best beaches in Sydney, including Bondi, Manly, Coogee and Queenscliff, are popular all over the world. Beach lovers can enjoy spectacular coastal scenery, delicious seafood and activities such as coastal walking, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.